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The Kuala Selangor Nature & Firefly Tour will take you to see one of Kuala Selangor's best-known attractions – fireflies. Watching fireflies has become a major attraction for the district of Kuala Selangor where it draws large number of tourists from all over the world.


Built along the coast, many villages scattered around Kuala Selangor depend on fishing and farming to sustain their livelihood and this tour will let you observe their lifestyle firsthand as they fish, tap rubber and pluck palm oil fruits.


Fireflies are also called "Lightning Bugs". They are nocturnal and luminous and of the beetle family Lampyridae, consisting of about 1,900 species that inhabit tropical and temperate regions. The common glowworm is a member of this family. They shine in the night like fire to attract sexual partners.


The tour starts with a visit to the remains of a fort on Bukit Melawati, a historical sites which means a lot to the locals, before heading to the preserved Taman Alam mangrove swamp, a terrific spot for bird watching or witnessing the creature of the swamp.


At night, we'll serve you with delicious seafood dinner, a specialty of Kuala Selangor and afterwards, a boat ride down the river to watch the firefles in action, an incandesant beauty, twinkling among the mangroves that line the banks and the river.



Duration: 5 hours



Seafood dinner

Transfer by Van or Coach



Minimum 2 Pax

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