D Pradise Malacca Day Tour


The D-PARADISE Tropical Fruit World and Aboriginal Village is an eco-tourism in Malacca. It is the result of 5 years of research, planning and development. It features one of the world's largest collections of tropical, sub-tropical and continental fruits (more then 800 varieties) which are showcased over 168 acres of landscaped gardens.


Our tour starts with some fruit sampling & welcome drink. After that we'll visit biggest 'Monkey Cup' sanctuary.


After lunch, at village restaurant we'll go for an event called 'Park Adventure & Discovery' which is an adventure to an actual living aboriginal native village. After that, you can enjoy a cultural show by the local.


And after dinner with the aboriginal people, the tour will end with a night Jungle Trekking with Native people.



Duration: 8 hours




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D Pradise Malacca D Pradise Malacca D Pradise Malacca
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