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Colmar Tropicale is a French-themed resort situated 2,7-- feet above sea leval, the first of its kind in Malaysia. Relish in century old Alsace charm and let the medival French village and the picturesque surroundings bring you back to the old era or romance. Inspired by a real French Village in Alsace, France.


Our tour starts with a visit to Colmar itself to view the magnificient European, French architecture applied on the construction of the building and pavements. It's kind of living in Medieval France though with of Asian around. Colmar Tropicale has several restaurant (le restaurant),gift shop, bakery (le boulangerie), massage centre, a hand wax outlet, several small stalls selling miscellaneous items and several games stalls for visitors to try their luck.


Part of the attraction here is the Japanese village high up at 3,500ft above sea level. Visitors can choose to drive their cars straight up the hill to the Japanese Village or go to Colmar Tropicale and take a free ride by small lorries fitted with lots of seats up the hill.


And after that, we'll visit The Rabbit Park where you can see lots of rabbit including new borns, donkeys deer and ever tortoise.



duration: 8 hours

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The Colmar Tropicale The Colmar Tropicale The Colmar Tropicale
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